Trademark Law

Is the smell of fresh grass, a design of canned milk, the jingle of a news program, a logo or the shape of a chocolate bar eligible for being registered as a trade mark?

And can a well-known sparkling wine manufacturer also successfully position itself as a brand for sweets?

Our clients know that the future of a company depends on the future of its brands – your return on investment will stand or fall with the right IP strategy. That seems exaggerated? Brands influence purchase decisions and determine the value of a company. And they are fun.

Brand identification, consistent development of intellectual property rights, brand defence, defence against brand claims, brand licensing – those fields do not only concern our passion and competence, but above all your entrepreneurial interest.

Or what colour comes to mind when you think of “chocolate”? Exactly.

With GREENFIELD IP at your side, the grass is always greener. Should we sow, nurture and care for your brand seeds together? Please feel free to contact us.

We will also advise you in a cost-efficient manner on questions relating to

  • Registration of national, EU and international trademarks
  • Trademark strategies
  • Brand valuation
  • Cease and desist letters in your sales structure
  • Enforcement of your claims from company signs
  • Franchise contracts
  • Brands in insolvency